About - The Fitness

The Fitness .biz is working to improve the nutrition knowledge and counseling skills of primary care clinicians—one clinic at a time.

Registered dietitian, Sheryl Rosenberg Thouin, MPH, RD, CDE, is the creative force behind The Fitness.  She created her line of nutrition education and counseling materials, while teaching medical students and residents at several Family Medicine Residency Programs throughout southern California.  “When I first began working in primary care residency programs, I conducted initial nutrition needs assessments of the Family Care Centers and their surrounding communities.  I soon discovered that primary care physicians not only needed to develop a stronger base of clinical nutrition knowledge, but that they required a way to quickly and effectively impart need-to-know nutrition information to patients of  varying levels  of literacy.  The goal was not to turn physicians into dietitians but to help physicians be as effective as possible with the limited time they can spend on diet counseling.  My challenge was to come up with relevant nutrition tools that would serve as nutrition counseling guides for the clinician yet also provide the patient with easy to understand take home material. Could I create something that could accomplish this task within a patient visit time-frame of less than 10 minutes?  That is how The Fitness .biz came to be.   Today, ournutrition materials are utilized at major teaching hospitals across the country.“