Fit, Healthy and Slim through McDougall Diet Method

Fit, Healthy and Slim through McDougall Diet Method

The numbers of diet method that are based on scientific or medical research are not that many. Most of the exposed ways are developed by nutritionists or personal trainers. The effectiveness of those methods are claimed to be great, but the impacts of the diets on health condition can be harmful. Mcdougall diet is one of the methods that concern about health and based on vegetarian lifestyle. The result of this meal plan is of course improving health and decreasing weight. Both physical appearance and wellness are both increased through one method. However, under certain cases of severe illness, this diet is not recommended without supervision of a physician. Since the diet is based on pure vegetarian that depends on fruits and vegetables –including the frozen ones-. For women who have been in this meal plan for three years or more, it is highly recommended to consume vitamins and supplement of B12. It is also important for expectant moms to get this additional supplement.

Before Getting Started
Prior to starting mcdougall diet plans, it is crucial for prospective dieters to be well informed about the method. Official books, guides and websites are available for those who wish to learn more about this diet before actually getting on it. Thousands of recipes are also available to choose to vary the menu lists. Mcdougall Health Center is also ready to give supports. Only people with serious motivation in changing their health conditions will succeed and benefit from this meal plan. The first ten days of the diet will make a dieter become a patience of Dr.McDougall. The whole meal plan and environment are set, controlled to turn one’s life into healthier stage in a quite intensive ways.

McDougall Diet Program
The program of McDougall diet plan actually consists of high fiber veggies and fruits, starches and grains and a great amount of spices as well as herbs. Here are the lists:

  • whole grains and its products like bread, tortillas, pasta
  • all kinds of vegetables and fruits
  • controlled amount of salt and sugar to flavor the food
  • NO oils and oil products – including olive, corn and safflower
  • NO meats, dairy and poultry products, fish

The basic principle of pure vegetarian meal arrangement may be hard for some people especially those who have been used to meats, dairy and poultry products. But, to ease the process, there is no strict limitation on the amount of allowed ingredients taken.

Expected Results
The expected results of McDougall diet are including increasing health of heart through non saturated fat food. The ground theory if the improving health condition was based on the treatment done in St. Helena hospital where two groups are compared, a group of people exposed to fat and a group of people exposed to starches. The second group has shown a tremendous change in health condition. Although it has been proven medically and scientifically, this diet is not free from negative reviews. The critiques are normally around strict elimination of dairy and poultry in the food list. It is worried that protein intake is not sufficiently met if only exposed to starches.

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