I am Strong Lean and Healthy

I am Strong Lean and Healthy

Have you ever decided to make a change in your life and you hear yourself saying “I have to start going to the gym” or “I need to lose weight” or “I should go for a run”.  All great ideas and goals and the words sound great.

You come out of the starting gate strong, then stuff happens, life happens, schedules happen and suddenly you may hear yourself saying.

Guilt, disappointment, bad vibeage, not the intended result of your initial statement.

What if you were able to pump up your original statement and supercharge your resolve to go to the gym, lose weight or run?

What if you were able to convert your intention to not just “hearing” the words but tapping into the “feeling” of the words to support your efforts?

What if we played around with the language?

Rather than choosing one of the statements let’s lump them all together.

“I have to start going to the gym, because I need to lose weight and I should go for a run”.

Again, sounds like a great plan but how does saying that or hearing that statement make you feel? Regardless of what others in your life may say when you tell them this, what does your inner voice start chanting?

Possible Responses: 

I’m going to ROCK this!


Meh…maybe next week


This is going to be hard, tough, and unpleasant.

Is your inner voice cheering you on to victory or is it reminding you of attempts and failures from the past?

What if we shook that statement up…

Instead of leading with going to the gym, losing weight and running.  What if you asked a question rather than making a statement?

How would I feel by going to the gym, losing x kg and being able to run x km? How would I feel in my body?  How would I feel about my body? 

Physically your body may be sore, especially if you are starting big off the top.  More importantly though is how you would you feel about yourself if you accomplished this? What kind of vibe would you be going forward with?

Possible responses:

  • I would feel strong.
  • I would feel healthy.
  • I would feel lean.
  • I would feel good about myself.
  • I would feel positive.

Keep channeling and feeling the strong, lean, healthy positive vibe.  And ask your Future self:

How will I feel after I’ve been going to the gym 3 times per week, having lost that 10kg and have run 5 km?

Possible responses: 

  • I feel pretty dang empowered!
  • I feel lean!
  • I feel strong!
  • I feel hot hot hot!!!

Not much “meh” to be found after that!

So let’s build a feeling foundation on how you want to feel about your physicality overall.    Tapping into the feeling of being strong, lean and healthy elevates your vibeage and doesn’t leave you exhausted and defeated before even starting.  If you choose to go forward from that center, the action you need to support those feelings will follow.

What if you took that feeling of “I AM Strong, Lean and Healthy” and used that as the center or the core feeling in which we can build a foundation around.

What if every decision you made with respect to You and Your relationship with your body & health overall was based on the feelings that you conjure up when you feel what it feels like to be Strong, Lean & Healthy?

Not certain…then put this idea to the test.

Sit with the affirmation above, “I AM Strong, Lean & Healthy”, and repeat that statement and try it on.  Allow yourself to make your own connections with it, allow yourself to let those words flow over you and into your body and feel what it would feel like to be not just saying those words but feeling those words.

How different would your experience be if you based your food choices on that statement?

Would preparing food at home or ordering in a restaurant be different if you were channeling the I AM Strong, Lean & Healthy Energy?

How different would your experience be if you based your physical activity on that statement?

Would there be room to justify not going to work out, run, walk, pilates or whatever if you had that I AM Strong, Lean & Healthy vibe at decision time?

No matter where you are with your health and fitness goals, beginning, middle or maintenance, we all can benefit from having a strong center in which to go forward from.  And sometimes we need to tweak or change our perspective in order to better feel what we envision for ourselves overall.

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