Ketogenic Diet and Needed Preparations

Ketogenic Diet and Needed Preparations

Do you need to lose weight fast for some reasons? Preparing your wedding soon or having some health issues that force you to cut down some fats as quick as possible? Ketonic diet menu is claimed to be effective for quick fat loss. The meal plan is developed based on the limitation and control of carbohydrate in the body. Not only that, protein intake and high fats are maintained sufficient. Careful food choice should be made since some ingredients are actually containing higher value of carbohydrate. A good example of this is cereals. Some types of cereals are not ideal for breakfast since they are not supporting the low carb diet method.

Reaching the Stage of Ketosis

The core element of ketonic diet menu is achieving the stage of ketosis metabolic system. What is this? Ketosis is the condition where ketones in the body or fats fragments are burnt and turned into energy. Normally, our body will tend to burn glucose as fuel, but in this diet, the fuel will be replaced by ketones. This type of diet is very useful to adjust our body to a condition where food is not available. Check carefully and critically the ingredients on the boxes of cereals to make sure that carbohydrate level are low. Besides that, there are also some contents that need further checking including:

  • low sugar should be checked since ketonic diet plan is very strict in sugar consumption
  • higher value of nuts and seeds to lower glycemic index
  • lower grains amount that should be carefully chosen from certain types of cereal

Preparation before Starting

Some preparations that a person need to do before planning ketonic diet menu variations are among others:

  • overview and select all contents in your fridge and kitchen, keep them clean from carbohydrate. This is to make the process of diet easier since you will cook and prepare what you can find
  • replace high carbohydrate food source with low carb ingredients
  • create menu plan carefully and list all what you need to cook
  • get yourself mentally ready to reform your current habit into a new, healthier habit
  • to enable you check as well as keep track of the ketosis in the first weeks, purchase a Ketostix Reagant Strip
  • find out some tips to fight against sugar cravings

Samples of Menu Plan

For those who have not tried any strict diet plan, imagining the kinds of servings on the list that ketonic diet menu allows can be frustrating. The image of having to stop eating high carb food can bring a scarier picture. Below are samples of menu that a dieter can consume when they decide to go on ketonic diet.

The whole day (three times) meal plan can be consisting of bacon, sausage and two white eggs without any sugar addition or carbohydrate as the breakfast. As for lunch, steamed broccoli and skinless steamed chicken can be prepared. Have fried mushroom, green salad and cheese with low fat cheese cream as your dinner. In between, you can always take up fruits and vegetables as well as drink lots of liquid.

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