Key Success of Dr. OZ Crash Diet: Rich Nutrients!

Key Success of Dr. OZ Crash Diet: Rich Nutrients!

Many people fail their diets or unable to maintain the lifestyle they once applied because the approach is incorrect. Trying too hard to omit some food elements and sacrifice to starve will result in ineffective program. Diet for weight loss is not only about balancing intake and output of calories, but it is about daily decisions to live. Various popular methods if diet or fat loss promise dieters to cut down body mass only within three months and sometimes less. This is of course requiring more than just commitment and motivation but sacrifice. But what will you gain in the end if your sacrifice does not retain in the long run? Moreover, what if the diet endangers your health and creating metabolism imbalance?

Composition Does Matter!
Methods offered by Dr. Oz crash diet rely upon high composition of rich nutrients. It covers ninety percents of the food composition while dairy, oils and meat fill up the remaining ten percents. Food with high nutrition is easily found in the seeds, vegetables, beans and nuts. Fruits and whole grain are also crucial to this diet. While the consumption of calories is cut, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants have to be improved. It will effectively turn human body to burn fat internally. It won’t make dieters starving since the amount of rich nutrients is not strictly limited. Eat up as much as you want and if it is performed consistently in seven days, the real result is visible. While you can see the result in seven days, it can be a strong motivation to keep it up and work on it.

Three Steps Strategies:

1st Step
The strategies used by Dr. Oz crash diet program consist of three steps. Firstly, pay attention seriously on the daily composition of your meals. The 90/ 10 portion arrangement should be prepared and consumed without any changes. Be discipline and in seven days, the results will reveal. In dealing with breakfast, beware of including densely nutritious foods like whole grain and fruits. Easy to prepare breakfast that will heat up your day includes oatmeal with various fruits combinations. Lots of fruits with energizing functions like banana, berries and apples will stuff you tummy and make you full but not adding up too much calories. Lunch can consist of beans with salads. Beans are incorporated in the menu to replace meats. Dinner should be filled with greenies and root veggies. Skinless chicken, fatless meat and fish can also be consumed.

2nd Step
The third step of Dr. Oz crash diet plan consists of the core plan in fat loss. After your body gets used to the healthy eating composition, the intake of berries, onions and mushrooms can help damaging fat cell and eventually create the body mass to lose. The reasoning behind this strategy is actually the theory that consuming anti-angiogenic foods can attack fat cells to starve to death. It will make the fat loss attempt faster. Incorporate these three food elements in the meals, consistently in your meal plan.

3rd Step
The last step deals with detoxification of the body and cleansing all the bad things out of the body metabolism system. Flushing out the toxins can be done through sufficient liquid consumption with controlled sugar or glucose control. Healthy drinks (not only water) can also be consumed, like drinking pomegranate juice mixed with strawberries, lemon juice and ice. Make everything fresh and without additional syrup, sugar, or honey. When fruits are blended, they will process natural glucose and that should be enough for your body.

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