Review of Lemonade Diet, Must Read!

Review of Lemonade Diet, Must Read!

Review of Lemonade Diet. Being a vegetarian is a tough choice for some converters. Being used to consuming meats in various forms, making an effort to leave meat and dairy products becomes a real challenging lifestyle. Many people nowadays tend to turn to anything practical, such as tablets or pills filled with supplements and vitamins. This will help busy people to shop for fresh ingredients while they have to work long hours. But, for you who wish to lose weight in no time but still able to maintain wellness, you may need to reconsider the habit of consuming un-fresh ingredients. Have you tried to search for lemonade diet reviews as your reference?

Understanding Lemonade Diet

This is not a new method. In fact, it has been in the cycle of diet methods for about five decades. One of the most popular testimonies in the list of lemonade diet success stories was when Beyonce succeeded to cut down around twenty pounds prior to taking part in the infamous movie, Dreamgirls. It was then, the turning point of this method, as you may find in many of lemonade diet reviews available. If you wish to know further or refresh your memory about this diet, it may ring a bell when Master Cleanse diet or Maple Syrup Diet is mentioned. This is a method of only drinking lemon juice for the first two weeks of the diet. The warning that comes along with this diet is lack of nutrition, mineral, calories and protein, including fat as well as fiber. This is of course logical since a dieter is not eating anything at all for fifteen days.


Things Allowed to Eat

What can a dieter consume during the diet? And even though many of lemonade diet reviews highlighted the facts that this weight loss method can be harmful to one’s health, how far can a person bear working on this eating regimen strategy? In principle, solid food is not on the list. Neither are any kinds of supplements. Every day, a dieter is only allowed to drink minimum six lemonade-drink servings, or herbal tea at night and salt water. In each serving of Master Cleanse diet, it contains lemon juice (freshly squeezed), cayenne pepper and maple syrup (organic based) as well as filtered water. Afterwards, at the beginning of the third week, a dieter is recommended to start eating slow. The transition should start with soft foods like soups and gradually becoming more solid.

The Way It Works

You may wonder why lemonade diet reviews do not entirely post pros and cons on this method. Even though health practitioners including nutritionist view that losing too much water and muscle can be harmful for general health, Master Cleanse method is still followed by many. If you wish to try the method, make sure that you do talk with your doctor. Without consuming any solid food at all for two weeks, calories will be cut down but it does not mean that the fat cells are reduced. There has been no clinical evidence on the effectiveness of this diet yet, especially when related with wellness. Detoxification can be done through lemonade diet but for those with some health concerns like diabetes type 2, high blood pressure and others, check your condition with the physician first before deciding on which weight loss strategy that will work best and safe.

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