What To Do When You’ve Lost Your Mojo

What To Do When You’ve Lost Your Mojo

You’ve been working out, eating well and feeling great.  Your clothes are starting to feel looser and you thought you’d cracked it.  Then – Disaster strikes and you’ve completely lost all your motivation!  Don’t panic – it happens to us all at some point.

Here are my top tips for getting your mojo back.

  • Be Kind to Yourself.  There is no point beating yourself up about it.  Acknowledge that it happened and move on.  Negative energy is not going to do you any favours.
  • Set a New Goal.  Perhaps your old goal doesn’t excite you anymore.  Find a challenge that is going to motivate you to get back into those joggers!  Maybe there is a race you’d like to do?  Or perhaps you could book a bikini photoshoot for a few weeks time.    Find something new and exciting that really lights your fire.  Book it, put it in the diary and tell EVERYONE you know!
  • Ease Back into it with a Friend.  Grab a buddy and try a new class – maybe there is a Bootcamp in your area, or you could try out your local Yoga Centre.  Make it fun, and making a date with a girlfriend will keep you accountable.  Make it a regular weekly date and enjoy spending time together whilst doing something active.

Have you re-found your mojo?  How do you get going again when you fall off the wagon?

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