Win Your Healthy Diet with Lower Calorie Menu

Win Your Healthy Diet with Lower Calorie Menu

Imagine the hectic working schedule and other demands of life that you have to face every day. When do we actually have the time to sit and calculate what we are going to eat? At work, when lunch break comes, what we want to do is rushing to get sweet drinks and fast food. Stuff the tummy full and get back to work soon afterwards! Being home after work, do we really have the time to count the calories before preparing dinner? Nope. Tired with all the stresses of work, we can just ring some food vendors and make delivery order.

In normal condition, without controlled, daily calorie intake can vary between 1500 up to 2500, or sometimes even 3000 calories. To lose weight, the amount should be cut into 1200 calorie diet menu only. How is that possible to hold the craving and still being productive? It can be done with simple menu arrangement that you just simply copy without having to count the amount of calorie anymore. In addition to that, you should watch out your drink. Calorie can be added up from sweetened, fatty, carbonated drinks.

First Day Complete Menu

Crucial days on the diet plan include the first three days. This is where dieters start to kick out and get the body adjusted to the new eating habit. 1200 calorie diet menu for day one include simple breakfast, healthy lunch and yummy dinner. Consider these alternatives:

• simple, nutritious and energizing breakfast is important to have since this is the starter of the day. It is very significant not to miss breakfast. Prepare bran flakes with ¾ cup portion, a cup of non fat milk and one banana
• prepare your own lunch and pack it up. Sandwich is always a healthy lunch option. You can use whole wheat pita bread filled with turkey or chicken breast (three ounces), half size of roasted pepper, low fat mayo mixed with mustard (one tsp), lettuce, string cheese and kiwifruits
• dinner can be as yummy as a cup of couscous , a cup of broccoli (steamed), broiled flounder (4 oz) and a cup of non fat pudding

Second Day Menu Alternative

Getting into the second day of playing with 1200 calorie diet menu, here what you can get:

• breakfast of smoothie from blended a cup of frozen berries, half of banana and 8 oz of non-fat milk; if needed you can take up half size of English muffin
• open with fifteen grapes, eat a veggie burger with mini pita bread plus a cup of vegetarian soup, close with half full or non fat yoghurt
• dinner can consist of skinless chicken breast barbeque with half cup of veggies and three red potatoes (boiled)

Third Day of Lower Calorie Menu

The third day of 1200 calorie diet menu alternative includes:

• microwave cooked oatmeal from half cup of oats, half cup of non fat milk, half chopped green apple, 1 tsp of honey and cinnamon
• lunch consist of skinless roasted chicken breast with variations of 1 tsp almonds, 1 tsp non fat mayo, 1 tsp non fat sour cream and spread over lettuce; eat up banana afterwards
• dinner can be served from steamed fish or shrimp with 1 potato (baked with 3 tsp salsa plus 1 tsp non fat sour cream); add three cups of spinach

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